Aug 2, 2009

Not Available No More!

No, its not me who's engage. I'm still single and will remind single for the next 2 years..hahaha :p

Its my best friend lor, Siti Mariam Solehan. We've known each other during our diploma's and I love her to death! :)

Tapi gila notty ini budak, lagi 5 hari mau tunang baru break the news, and I'm totally break down..hahaha :p

No la, I'm shocked! Thats all. Sebab macam tetiba je kan.. But I knew that she will tight the knot first among our clicks.. :)

So I went to her engagement with meL and imy. Jehan, Farra and others could'nt make it due to reasonable reason. Its ok, kami mewakilkan mereka.. :)

Tapi semalam memang best, the journey to her house, the ceremony/event, the food, the "hantaran" and the shopping + cuci mata thingy at JJ Klang..huhu :)

I'm sorry there's only 1 picture coz I was so damn late thus I forgot to bring my camera. This picture is from imy's camera phone. Have to wait for Siti to upload to her friendster.. :)

So when's the big day? You will have to wait for her announcement, ok? :)


[b][y][t][i][e] said...

wahh...ct dh tunang??hee..cptnye masa berlalu..
congrats 4 her!
alhamdulillah..dgn paan gk..
semoga jodoh berkekalan sampai jinjang pelamin & akhir hayat..aminn..

maiza said...

a long love stroy almost come to happy ending.

i wish for the best to u all.

Anonymous said...

wah! da tunang da sorg lg dak kptmB..ahaks!
btw, say my congrats to her k..
panjang jodoh die ngan paan kn..
alhamdullilah.. :P