Oct 5, 2011

1 year Anniversary: My Cubicle

Since my 1st day working until today, I have move (cubicle) for 3 times. 1st entered JS, I was stationed in Level 7 in a "Bungalow", then in April I move to a "Semi-D" to give rooms for newbies, but still in the same level. Then since the team are growing we need to separate into 2 level, in June I have to move to a "Terrance" in Level 5. And now I'm in Level 4 "Terrance" since August. Hope the construction & renovation in Level 2 will finish faster so me & a few of my team can re-unite again in Level 7, and to move back to my "Bungalow"..ekeke =p

Yes, my nickname in office is Syu.. ^_^

PC Wallpaper: My Team mate (corpcare SG rulez!) ^_^

4 Soft Toy/ Teddy
Convo's Teddy from beloved brother
White Kitty from beloved BFF
Pooh from..erk, I just grab from home =p
JobStreet Bear, which I bought myself (I work with JS ma, must have a JS Bear! =p)

2 Picture Frame
Myself when I was holiday-ing in Langkawi Island back in April 2011
My dearest BFFs, Bangi-ans colleagues (Imy, Jihan, Fara, Siti & meL)

Subway 2011 calender

Notes (everywhere as I always forgot important things) =p

Pink Stationery Case

Headset Phone (yes, I used this to communicate with my client)

Mini Soft Toy (Koala Bear, Rabbit, Lil Hippo & Mama Hippo)