Jun 15, 2009

When It All Falls Apart

I'm all alone
In the dark
Alone all by myself
Life sucks!
Hate it so much
I wish i could turn back time
I wish i could change some things
Make things better
But there's no turning back
Damages have been done
Life must go on
Oh God, please give me strength
To go through all these stuff
It was so hard for me
It is
I nearly surrender
I do
Well I might surrender later
I don't know
I'm so confuse
I'm so sad
I'm so lonely :(


[b][y][t][i][e] said...

sbr byk2 yer..
u r not lonely actually..
u hv ur friends out there..
me also..
i will try to help u as i can..

bytie pn prnh 'jatuh' gk dlu..bytie tau 'sakit'nye mcmane..sbr byk2 ye

syada said...

thanks bytie..
God bless you.. :)

mizz feeqa said...

beb..r u ok.??wt hapen actualy?...im woried bout u...

like byti said..u nt lonely..its just u dat make u feel dat way...

dah...xmo..xmo..ne syada yg kte kenal dlu??..yg slalu OTAI...

i WANT HER BACK....syad..u can do it!!!!!!i mizz u...

syada said...

thanks beb..
thanks for being there for me..
thanks for making me laugh with your comments just now..

i'll be back..
here come the otai syada..
hohohoh :)

miss u too dear friend..
i mean it.. :)