Oct 3, 2007

i dream of him last nite =)

omg!i dunno is it a miricle or what??last nite i had a dream that i meet with my fav singer of all time,who else?ANUAR ZAIN lor..then tghari td aku dpt msj yg aku dpt book tempat tuk aidilfitri bersama anuar zain (among with the 50 other people who were fast enuff to email the penganjur).well,its my luck.dh lme aku terbayang2 nk jmpe dia,dpt gk.thxs GOD. tp the prob now,tarikh tuh dkt2 lak dgn final paper aku n aku lom ckp kt parent aku.korg agak2 dorg bg x?well,lom cuba lom tao kn?wish me luck..*crossing my finger*