Feb 27, 2012

Long Hiatus

Hello! Its been along hiatus since my last update. Lots of things has happen, K-pop concert, trip/ holiday, work life and so on. But being me, yap I admit I damn lazy..haha :p

October 2011
My 1st year anniversary with JS.com :)
Went to visit my dearest BFF -Dayang kt Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

November 2011
Concert 2PM at Stadium Negara - Best day ever!

December 2011
Erm, I dont remember anything special for this month, except for my 1st year anniversary for my beloved BB Bold..haha, another year to go.. :p

January 2012
A brand new year for me..:)

February 2012
Ka-ching..!! :P
Added another new gadget to my list.. :)