May 22, 2011


Yup, I know I haven't update for ages, been busy - OK, lame excuses, but I am, really I am busy.. =)

OK, so my last update is in December and now is May, so I owe you guys my 5-6 months story,aite? Well, nothing to worry about, my life is not interesting as the others so you didn't missed out any big event in my life. Will surely update it if it was too damn good to share it with the whole world. If not, just gonna update it on my FB / twitter.

So yup, since I'm updating it now, at 3 o'clock in the morning, so it must be something to damn good to share it with you all,aite? hehe =p

As a few who read my FB / BBM / WhatsApp status, you must have know where the "heaven" I've been last Saturday. Yup, as a true IAM, I got myself a tickets for 2AM showcase in Jalan Ampang, and I went there alone. Yes, alone since I'm the only one in my gang / clicks who addicted to K-Pop. Tried to tag along a few friends, but they busy =(

The show was superb. Even though I didn't get the chance to "Meet & Great" them, or even for Autograph session, I can claim myself lucky enough to watch them perform LIVE, I rest my case. =)

I was slowpoke about 2AM coming to KL, until a week before the event. Have no idea on how to get the ticket. So I didn't put high hope on going for the showcase. Until I saw a fan in DiGi Youth saying she got tickets to sell since she have to work on that day. I thought to myself, maybe I should try my luck, who knows, aite? And damn I am lucky, the ticket is still available. So I would like to say millions thanks to Hani for selling me the ticket. You are the best! So I got myself a Zone B ticket. Didn't care what Zone I got as long as I can watch them perform. =)

The showcase starts at 6pm, but I went there early, just in case. So I arrive at 2.30pm and omaigigibesi, the place is already busy with fans. Zone A que-line are filled with almost 100 fans already I think, but lucky for me in Zone B, there is only like 20 fans que-ing. There I met new friends since they both also come alone to the showcase so we decided to tag along & be together during the showcase. Thanks Sarah & Khai, you girls are amazing K-Pop-ers fans. Do keep in touch, maybe we can meet again in another K-Pop showcase / concert. =)

So ya, enough talking nonsense, here are some picture I manage to snap. Didn't have a DSLR yet, so please don't expect a HD picture ya..enjoy!

Sorry, unable to post the picture because I haven't put the watermark yet. Will update once done. For now, please enjoy a few videos I managed to upload in my YouTube.


KAKI-JALAN said...

wah..dah tmbah K-pop dh kt header..majuk AZ.

syada said...

Kaki Jalan: hahaha..tambah je, lum buang lg AZ..hehe..erm btw sape ni ek? salam perkenalan.. ^_^