Oct 19, 2009

Memories Last Forever

I officially finished my practical training at BKN on October 16th. Well, I never thought I would say this, but I have a GREAT time there and gonna miss each one of them very much!

They were so nice they throw a farewell ceremony for us, a last minute planning. I mean they forget we will finish our training on 16th, they just knew about it a day before when they realize I have start packing my things and they start preparing the ceremony right away. Well, it wasn't fancy with all the decoration-lah, just a makan-makan, a gifts as a token of appreciation and a farewell speech! Yes, you heard me, I have to give a speech. I was so nervous I forget to apologize to them for any mistakes I might have done during the 20 weeks period, very rude am I? But I manage to apologize one-by-one at the end of office hour.. :)

This is my HR Unit. My boss is Puan Raja Sarimah (in purple), second bos is Encik Faridi (wearing spec's & songkok), third boss is Encik Fadzil (wearing spec's), and my fourth boss is Encik Roszaimi (at the back row, in the middle). The others was the friendly clerk, Kak Zana, Kak Zu, Kak Shidah and Farah.

This is Kak Shidah. I definitely gonna miss her so much because she is so kind and teach me a lot during my training courses. Same goes to Encik Faridi, the most funny and sporting boss I had ever meet! :)

This is Farah (left) and Kak Tini (right). They are so sweet and kind to me too! Plus they're funny also. Kak Tini & Farah, do keep in touch yea.

This is a card me and Amy bought for the whole BKN's staff. We put it on the board, hoping they won't forget us as we won't forget them. (T_T)


Misz Lyia'z said...

beshnye dah abes... i've to stay till end of this month.. huhu

report sume dah siap lom? cuak lak nk present nnti.. aiyark

syada said...

eh, stay sampai end of this month? VIVA bile? bukan before 27th ker? sempat ke nak buat report??

MAI @ WAWA said...

Same macam i abes praktikel dulu..
sedih nak tinggalkan tempat timba pengalaman.. :)

syada said...

musti sgt sedey mai..20minggu bersama,banyak kenangan suka duka tu..plus, they all are very nice to me and my fren..so sad..sob..sob.. (T_T)