Oct 21, 2009

HURES Shah Alam

Updated: A minor changes on the date & venue..sorry :(

Attention to all HURES (Human Resources) members of Shah Alam Campus, please register your name and make confirmation of your attendence for ASTALAVISTA in Port Dickson Melaka on 6-8th 4-6th November. It is COMPULSORY to all HRM/BM223 final year students. The fees is only RM100. Please spread the news to the others.

Register Here
The URL is to long to remember?
This is the short version: tinyurl.com/hures09

p/s: Holiday?? I can't wait.. :)


MAI @ WAWA said...

rm100 je??
batch i dulu mahal giler!!!
rm260 i tell u!!
tak acciiii!!!!!

syada said...

ha, serious? gila mahal..tengok tempat kot..masa u all dulu wt kt mana?

dafoDiL said...

rm100 ja??
kitorg sem lps rm1++!!
wat kat casa ricardo,,same kot tmpt...

syada said...

yeke lidya? erm, i dunno la..tp dr.B cakap supposed nye RM200++, tp fac tanggung half..

MAI @ WAWA said...

yap2 kat casa racardo tuh..
huhu tidak adil!!!!
pe pun enjoy yr hasta la vista..
syok tau ;)

syada said...

nak enjoy kebendenya dear, i baru 1sem kt situ, ne kenal orang sgt..geng pun dgn wina jelah..hehehe :)